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Robert Hughes notes, 'Jackson Pollack [...] declared that he wanted to be Nature. [Andy] Warhol, by contrast, wished to be Culture and Culture only: 'I want to be a machine.'

The interface between human and machine is inextricable, a deathly swamp with bodies buried deep under stagnant water, perfectly preserved arms linked with greedy roots of darkened trees.

Angela Woodward, "The Hand of Odeon" Pig Iron, p. 116, No.16, Youngstown, Ohio, 1990

Angela Woodward has done various kinds of clerical work for ten years. She does not find it interesting. She had a hard time switching from being a typist to being a word processor and using a computer. To Angela, computers are disembodying, as if there is nothing there. She considers this to be a brutal and terrifying power, one beyond human resistance.

Ibid, 120

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Antonio Gramsci for beginners: